Below is the report from

The report below summarizes the market share for the top search engines in use today. This usage analysis shows that Google(Global) is the most utilized search engine with 83.18% followed by Yahoo(Global) with 8.08 and so on and so fort .

Desktop Search Engine Market Share as of MAY 2013

This data serve as your reference in Internet Marketing or SEO purposes.


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Recently I am working on the website using codeigniter (
But suddenly I was bothered on how to remove index.php in the url of website that I'm working on.
Unlike in my past projects it was easy to remove index.php because it is made of CMS (joomla, magento and wordpress).

I visited bunch of forums, I've tried all there suggested solutions but all are not effective. Almost all there suggestion was the same and until one Great Dude ask "What Company hosted your Website?" and I replied "" and He replied "Good Luck.. LOL"

As SEO professional having a free seo tool like Alexa is big help. Today when I check the website’s reputation of my blog ( and I was surprised because there is message below saying “Subscribe to Alexa PRO to view all 7 sites linking in” so meaning it’s not FREE anymore. It’s time to subscribe or upgrade to Alexa Pro?

About Alexa:

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