Web wireframe and web design are two different terms that are almost related. However, some people are correlating the two terms mistakenly. Wireframing and web designing almost have the same approach, but there seems to be a lot of difference.

Why do most people think that web wireframes are the same with web designs? First, they assume that wireframes are final. Wireframes and web designs could undergo multiple revisions until attaining visual perfection. Second, people also realize that web designs are just a layout as well. Actually, sophisticated designs are the ones that make websites fashionable, not the layouts.

Let us define both web wireframing and web designing. Web wireframing is a way of depicting a visual guide that represents the theoretical framework of a website. Web wireframes serve as a schematic diagram on how a website would look like in the future. Web designing is a way of applying the concepts of aesthetics and actual coding to a website under construction. The goal is to maximize user experience, attain web accessibility and usability.

Web designing and web wireframing are almost independent to one another. A website would not possibly look good without using wireframes as reference. Wireframes may be optional, but it maximizes quality control of a website. Wireframing is part of web designing, while web designing is the whole process that covers many aspects of building a website.

To visualize web wireframing and web designing much easier, let us say that you have just purchased an empty home. That home is now in your hands, but you need to make it a great place to live. You fill your home with correct decorations and you put the materials according to its proper place. To make the meaning much clear, take out the term “web” from those two terms aforementioned above.

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