This is great!!, Google doesn't penalize sites being linked to, Google just ignores the link coming from

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Recently there has been a lot of concern in the SEO space about a site named Scan through some of these threads and you will see the concern.
In short, SEOs and webmasters are noticing tons of links to their sites from this site and it concerns these webmasters mostly due to the unnatural link warnings being sent out to webmasters.
Google's John Mueller went on record saying Google doesn't penalize sites for being linked to by, but rather Google simply ignores any of the links from
John said in a Google Webmaster Help thread:
I don't believe I've ever seen a Googler publicly say they ignore links from a site. They might have but I don't remember. I know they do ignore many links from many sites but not sure if they've ever specifically called out a site.
Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.
Just to follow up here -- for what it's worth, we do ignore the links from
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