What is Web Directory?

“A web directory or link directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links.A web directory is not a search engine and does not display lists of web pages based on keywords; instead, it lists web sites by category and subcategory. Most web directory entries are also not found by web crawlers but by humans. The categorization is usually based on the whole web site rather than one page or a set of keywords, and sites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories. Web directories often allow site owners to submit their site for inclusion, and have editors review submissions for fitness.RSS directories are similar to web directories, but contain collections of RSS feeds, instead of links to web sites.” - wikipedia.org

Below is the list of top ranking directories where you can submit your website for free.

Requirements for free listing
Yahoo9Only accepts non-commercial sites
WWW Virtual Library9Requirements vary for each category
DMOZ8Site must have unique content
Jayde7Email Confirmation
Zeal7Fill out a questionaire about Zeal - Non commercial listings only
Best of the Web7Non-commercial sites, no guarantee of review
Elib7Reciprocal link
Hot vs Not7Reciprocal link, email
Level10s Web Directory7Reciprocal link for free listing
AAA Smart Shopping7Reciprocal link from search engine friendly page
Rankin Directory6Email, 3-4 month wait. Faster with reciprocal link
Directory World6Reciprocal link
The Big Brain6Simple submission, reciprocal link required.
Buzzle6Only Non-Profit, Government, or Educational sites
Joe Ant6Register to become an editor
Gimpsy6Only interactive sites providing a service
GoGuides6Log in as submission specialist - Not Free
NetInsert6Add HTML metatag for instant listing
All the websites6Register for account, reciprocal link preferred
Web World Index6Email must match website domain, 3 posts on forum for 48 hour listing
Illumirate61 to 6 month wait, can register to be editor
So Much6Reciprocal link gets enhanced listing
R-TT Directory6Reciprocal link, email
InfoListings6Email, Reciprocal link for 1-2 months review (usual review 6 months)
BizWeb6Shopping sites only.
One Big Index6Reciprocal link
Clickey6Email, must register as affiliate,
One Big Directory6Reciprocal link, send email notification to info@onebigdirectory.com
NerdWorld6Email, Reciprocal link from homepage for 2 week review
Search Monster6Register as editor
Gurus2Go6Email, reciprocal link
Genius Find6Accepts large, extensive, searchable sites
Free Add URL6Reciprocal link
ABusiness Resources6Only accepts best business resource links
Artenato6Email, Reciprocal Link
Free Submit Your Site5Reciprocal link optional
Page Index5Reciprocal link for faster inclusion
BlueURL5Email, Reciprocal link
in115Reciprocal link
A Biz Directory5Reciprocal link
Auction Fire5Reciprocal Link on major page
Re-Quest Dot Net5Fill out demographic survey
One Mission5Register as editor for instant submission
Ldmstudio5Reciprocal link for top positions & direct link
!tzalist5Reciprocal link for priority
Land of Links5Email
Resources.eu.com5Reciprocal link
Web Beacon5Register as Guide (editor)
Apexoo5None, but submission is difficult, gives error messages
Directory Storm5Register as Editor, Reciprocal link preferred
Consultant Directory5Reciprocal link preferred
Established Websites Directory5Reciprocal link, site must have Google Pagerank 4+
Best Business Directory.com -5Reciprocal for commercial sites only
Dir Submission5Email, reciprocal link preferred
Cluboo5Reciprocal link
ADirect2Z5Reciprocal link
Blue Universe5Computer & Internet websites
Home Business Network5Reciprocal link
Bauq5Only accepts best sites, select category then submit by email
Xoron5Login required
Arakne Links4Reciprocal link for 1 day review and top of page listing. Non-reciprocal listings take 3 days.
UUiq directory4Email for confirmation, reciprocal link optional
Fabarooni4Top domain only
Site Directory4Email
Human Ranked Directory4Email, reciprocal link optional, only non-commercial sites
ScrabbleStop4Email, reciprocal link
Power Links4Reciprocal link - minimum PR2
A1 Web Links4Paid or reciprocal link
A Free Directory4Email
SiteLibrary4Non-commercial, high-quality sites only
eCommerce Directory4Website must have shopping cart and checkout. Reciprocal link greatly appreciated. Only top level URL.
Cache Directory4Email
ChunkyPig4Reciprocal link
Blue Daffodil4None
Find It Fred4Email
The New Power Directory4Reciprocal preferred
EZWeb-Tools4Email & reciprocal link optional
Web Sites Promotion Directory4Reciprocal link (Friend status)
Online Global Directory4Reciprocal or 3-way link from PR2 page
SEO Supreme4Reciprocal link preferred, email
ODLP4Become editor to add listings
Equipment.net4Contact Details
Chromeball4Reciprocal link
The Brain of the Internet - iB4Reciprocal link with site's monthly sponsor
YYYEP4Reciprocal link
Family Safe Website Directory4Reciprocal link, email, family safe
All.info4Must register as a producer
Directory World3Reciprocal link FROM INDEX PAGE, email
Reviewed Web3Reciprocal link appreciated
Quality Back Links3Reciprocal link, email
SEO Friend3Email, No Reciprocal Link Required
Linkmoz3Reciprocal link on PR2 page
DiverseList.com31 year submission (eg - link is removed after 1 year), email
Online Directory Central3Reciprocal link to a partner site
Alphabet Directory3Reciprocal link
Vendfinder3Reciprocal link
Apna2Free Listing
D911.NET2Email, reciprocal link appreciated
Wild At Shop2Official company name in the link text. No deeplinking. Just main page, one link per site.
EXOspy2Reciprocal for 3 day review, no reciprocal for 3 week review
Linkd.info2Reciprocal link on PR2 page
Add Good Sites2Email
The Business Directory1Reciprocal link, Email
Web Friendly Directory1No Reciprocal Link Required
Starting Page1Only best sites for each category
PromoteTech1Email, reciprocal link
OfCourse.us0Reciprocal. Limited submissions available monthly
Business Directory0Email, reciprocal link appreciated
Adaxas0Reciprocal link unless you have 'valuable content'
Bitwide0Email and reciprocal
E Business Directory0Email
999pro0regular listing and reciprocal links. Need a registered account
SoftSolutionsIndia0Reciprocal link
Root Directory0Reciprocal
Earthly Search0Reciprocal link
SEO Web Directory0Email, reciprocal link optional
All Business Directory03 to 4 month review, reciprocal link optional
Best Directory 4 You0Email
MoneySur0Reciprocal link
Inteligent Directory0Email
Free directory0Reciprocal link
FreeWebsDirectories0Reciprocal link
Directory seek0free regular link
Who Wants Links0Email & reciprocal link optional
myEnds0Have to register to submit
LinX2it0Reciprocal link optional
Directxs0Reciprocal link (possibly optional)
Online Directory0Reciprocal link
Linkdor0Reciprocal link optional
Mylink20We allow website owners to directly submit their site for inclusion
Just Mavin0Reciprocal optional
ATZ Directory0Reciprocal link optional (I think)
Directory Comet0Email
Infinite Info0Free, no registration or reciprocal required.
Fine Directory0Reciprocal link
XtLinks0Email, reciprocal link
Work At Home Place0Email, reciprocal link for 24 hour listing

Hoping that this stuff is useful.

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