Few Folks ask me this question, “How to optimize an image?” or “How to Optimize the html <img> tag?”.
Then I replied “Just ask Matt Cutts”, lolz… I’m just kidding..

But before I’m going to teach how to do it, let us examine first what are some reasons why we need to optimize the image or <img> tag.

  •        Images can attract visitors.
  •        Images can drive traffic through image search as well as inclusion in general search results.
  •        It helps to achieve high rankings in search engines for images and pictures you have on your website.

For Optimizing your Image or html <img> tag just follow this five simple steps.

Step 1 – Make sure that the Image is relevant to your topic.

Try to use picture for your page that is connected to your topic and supports text content that you’ve written. As much as possible choose a image that is related to the keywords that your are optimizing for.

Step 2 – Use keyword(s) in the filename of your image.

Try to avoid naming your image like these typical filenames

- image1.jpg … image100.jpg
or like this filenames from your digital camera “_DSC368.jpg”.

So I will cite a sample from the website that I randomly select.

Like this one form StickerMarket.co.uk website.

Screenshot StickerMarket.co.uk website

The image shows that they used the filename “business-card.gif”.
It is quietly self explanatory that they are optimizing keyword “business cards”.

Step 3 – Descriptive text in your alt attribute of your html <img> tag.

This one step is self explanatory.

(Just take a look of the image in the step 2, you can see there a keyword in the alt attribute.)

<img alt="business cards" src="images/business-card.gif">

Step 4 – Correct anchor text

One of the important factor in image SEO is Anchor Text.  So if you want to link to images with text, your anchor text can play a big role on how your image ranked for that keywords. Use the targeted keyword in anchor text.

Example this one:

Step 5 – Make sure the image is related to the content.
The content that surrounds in your image must be related to all the this that your optimizing for like: anchor tags, image url, alt attribute. When all of these are related, it helps to achieve your goal.
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