After I created the social media accounts for, the next thing that I did is I created a Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts. Google Analytics Account Google Webmaster Tools Account

Google Analytics:
is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. A premium version is also available for a fee. The product is aimed at marketers as opposed to webmasters and technologists from which the industry of web analytics originally grew. It is the most widely used website statistics service, currently in use on around 55% of the 10,000 most popular websites.  Another market share analysis claims that Google Analytics is used at around 49.95% of the top 1,000,000 websites (as currently ranked by Alexa).- Source: 

Google Webmaster Tools:

is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibilityof their websites.
It has tools that let the webmasters:
  • Check and set the crawl rate, and view statistics about how Googlebot accesses a particular site
  • Generate and check a robots.txt file. It also helps to discover pages that are blocked in robots.txt by chance.
  • List internal and external pages that link to the site
  • See what keyword searches on Google led to the site being listed in the SERPs, and the click through rates of such listings
  • View statistics about how Google indexes the site, and if it found any errors while doing it
  • Set a preferred domain (e.g. prefer over or vice versa), which determines how the site URL is displayed in SERPs

See? Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools can help a lot.

Today (May 25, 2012), I edited the contents of Also I created a social media (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook) accounts. Check it below:'s facebook page's linkedin page's twitter account
As sort info, why I created that accounts it's because we can gain traffic through that (facebook, linkedin, twitter) and also we can get potential  

Hi guys I have new project. This project is the same as this website. Follow the journey of this project because I will show here some of the SEO methods that I learned. We will see if my SEO techniques are effective.  Since this project is just a replica of website, what I did is I download all the files from the OzStickerPrinting Server then upload it to StickerCanada server by using ftp client software in my case, I used FileZilla.

Yesterday is down.. I don't why.. maybe they are upgrading their system..
and now??
Great!!! they are now(May 24, 2012) back...Cheers!!! is a website where you can advertise, post a job, find job and upload resume. This website intended only for Filipino Developers.

This morning (May 23, 2012), when I try to open my FilDev resume because I want to update it this is the page viewed to me.
So I was thingking, it has been hacked? or they are just upgrading the website?
First Go to your Joomla Administrator and Login.
Joomla 2.5 Admin login-form

Go to Site -> Permission

The image shown below, allows you to set the top-level permission for each group for each action.

Joomla 2.5 Global Configuration
Very Easy...

Hope this stuff helps you...


I receive a mail from one of my friend in forum where a I joined. Below is his Email.

Hi Croco,

I have a little question. It’s about searching in Google.
If I will search “sticker printing manual”, I want the result to be in all pdf format manual. Do you have a solution for this?


Hello Martin,
In your case, just take a look at the example below.

Google Search Techniques

I used sticker printing manual filetype:pdf google search syntax. The illustration that I created is self explanatory.

That’s it…. Cheers…

I receive this email, comming from Rex, Below is the email about wordpress. 
Hello Croco,

Now I want to change the URL to http://www. asd-site .com - Do I need to to add www in the general configuration ? thats all or I need to do something else?
I am using  and google keeps reading my domain as but the url in asd-site 

Some folks wondering about this one, the site with "www" and none "www". For me I prefer my site to have a "www" before my domain. Since your using Wordpress there is no need for to configure the .htaccess file. Below is the steps on how to add a "www" before your domain.

  1. Login to your Wordpress Admin Panel
  2. Goto Settings -> General
  3. Change the WordPress address (URL) Like the image shown below:


Then Click Save Changes

That's it.. hope this.. helps you.

Some guys sent me an email asking “How to remove Joomla! - Open Source Content Management in header of joomla 1.7 in meta generator”, so guys just follow these easy steps on how to solve your problem.

Courtesy of

From the directory where your  joomla is installed.
1    1. Goto “/libraries/joomla/document/html/renderer/  folder
      2. Edit this file “head.php” file
      3. Then Find this code:
$buffer .= $tab.'<meta name="generator" content="'.htmlspecialchars($document->getGenerator()).'" />'.$lnEnd;
      4. Just comment or remove the above code.
//$buffer .= $tab.'<meta name="generator" content="'.htmlspecialchars($document->getGenerator()).'" />'.$lnEnd;

      5. After that,  save it.

Hope guys this one would help. By the way it is just the same if you are using Joomla 2.5 version.
So that it very easy… cheers!!!!

Few Folks ask me this question, “How to optimize an image?” or “How to Optimize the html <img> tag?”.
Then I replied “Just ask Matt Cutts”, lolz… I’m just kidding..

But before I’m going to teach how to do it, let us examine first what are some reasons why we need to optimize the image or <img> tag.

  •        Images can attract visitors.
  •        Images can drive traffic through image search as well as inclusion in general search results.
  •        It helps to achieve high rankings in search engines for images and pictures you have on your website.

For Optimizing your Image or html <img> tag just follow this five simple steps.

Step 1 – Make sure that the Image is relevant to your topic.

Try to use picture for your page that is connected to your topic and supports text content that you’ve written. As much as possible choose a image that is related to the keywords that your are optimizing for.

Step 2 – Use keyword(s) in the filename of your image.

Try to avoid naming your image like these typical filenames

- image1.jpg … image100.jpg
or like this filenames from your digital camera “_DSC368.jpg”.

So I will cite a sample from the website that I randomly select.

Like this one form website.

Screenshot website

The image shows that they used the filename “business-card.gif”.
It is quietly self explanatory that they are optimizing keyword “business cards”.

Step 3 – Descriptive text in your alt attribute of your html <img> tag.

This one step is self explanatory.

(Just take a look of the image in the step 2, you can see there a keyword in the alt attribute.)

<img alt="business cards" src="images/business-card.gif">

Step 4 – Correct anchor text

One of the important factor in image SEO is Anchor Text.  So if you want to link to images with text, your anchor text can play a big role on how your image ranked for that keywords. Use the targeted keyword in anchor text.

Example this one:

Step 5 – Make sure the image is related to the content.
The content that surrounds in your image must be related to all the this that your optimizing for like: anchor tags, image url, alt attribute. When all of these are related, it helps to achieve your goal.
I was Speechless when I read this news from that there is a filipino involve in the tweets spamming.Below is the  details of the news.

A Filipino company, JL4 Web Solutions, was among several defendants in a case filed by Twitter in San Francisco, California two days ago. Jayson Yanuaria of JL4 Web Solutions was one of the accused in the Php25 million lawsuit.

JL4 Web Solutions created a software called Tweet Attacks which allows users to automatically create numerous Twitter accounts and spam Twitter with messages.

From Twitter’s official blog on Thursday (April 5, 2012):
"This morning, we filed suit in federal court in San Francisco against five of the most aggressive tool providers and spammers. With this suit, we’re going straight to the source. By shutting down tool providers, we will prevent other spammers from having these services at their disposal. Further, we hope the suit acts as a deterrent to other spammers, demonstrating the strength of our commitment to keep them off Twitter."

Twitter’s approach is to hit the source of the spam instead of the just the individual spammers. The website has been down since yesterday.
Note: The lawsuit was filed in California so I’m not sure if there was also another one filed here in the Philippines.

Source: (April 07, 2012)